Gray Microsport XT Trailer manufactured by Malone- Review

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This product is the upgraded version of the MicroSport kayak trailer and this comprises of the two most top selling frills at a reduced package rates. This equipment can be placed to a corner wall and it takes the least space on the floor. This equipment comes with installation kit for kayak and canoe in less than just 3 hours. This equipment comes with chassis components pre-fitted and also electrical components pre-fitted. It saves the struggle of placing canoes, kayaks and bikes on vehicle roofs and also saves gas. So, the product is not just innovative but also very cost-effective


The primary features of Grey MicroSport XT are as shown below.

  • Aluminum spoke wheel of custom 12’ diameter.
  • Aluminum fender is diamond plated.
  • Easy storage is provided with the aid of removable and retractable tongue.
  • Bearings and lightings are dot approved
  • Chassis components are pre-fitted
  • It includes a limited five-year warranty
  • Dimensions are 65 * 159 inches
  • Capacity is 355 pounds
  • A standard two-inch coupler is provided
  • Hubs are pre-assembled for effortless installation



  • This is manufactured to transport bikes, cargo boxes, kayaks and canoes conveniently. It prevents from the hassle caused due to dumping of all these items on the roof top of the vehicle.
  • It is the perfect device to tow small vehicles behind Pickup trucks, SUV’s and vans.
  • It is the innovation from an intellect to stop wasting gas for shifting items and start having ride on slipstream.
  • The manuals are self-sufficient to make you understand the assembling and removal easily.


The electrical system needs a bit of upgrade. The other problem is the user manual which comes in two parts and it gets difficult to combine both and assemble the canoe or kayak. Apart from this all other features are an added benefit and serves to the peak for carrying of all the vehicles.


Malone Auto rack is the best company for car rack accessories in North America. The products are sold over the world and all the trailers are very affordable, innovative and reliable. All the reviews conclude at the same thing that this is the best product and also comes at very affordable rate. Transporting of Kayaks and canoes can be done in breeze. The trailer is tough like a rock and can carry any size and shape of kayaks, canoes and bikes.




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